Made in Italy

Packaging and wrapping for our cutlery

We can offer our customers many solutions for packaging, personalized boxes and vast choice of colors. Special attention is dedicated to making suitable wrapping for wholesalers.


Plastic bags for cutleryMade of practical, resistant materials, these are ideal for display. The special perforations at the top of the envelope allow keeping the cutlery clean and, at the same time, quite visible. This is the perfect solution for displaying the items in supermarkets and shops.

Available with our brand, neutral, or personalized on request (based on quantities). Every bag may contain 2, 3 or 6 pieces.

Blister packs

Blister for cutleryDesigned and made to meet the needs of wholesalers, our products may be placed in this special packaging perfect for display in supermarkets and shops.

The blisters are made in resistant cardboard in bright colors. A special film protects the cutlery, keeping it clean.

Every blister can be personalized at the customer's request and may contain 6 or 12 pieces.


Space-saving packaging for cutleryIdeal packaging for wholesalers, shops and supermarkets. Its practical space-saving packaging allows displaying the product avoiding breakage and tampering.

Boxes are made with resistant materials and are available in different colors.

Boxes may be personalized on the customer's request and can contain 2, 3 or 6 pieces, according to the need.

Standard box

Packaging in cardboard for cutleryFor the standard packaging of loose cutlery, we use boxes for 12 pieces, available in various colors or in neutral white, without script.