Made in Italy


The company began in 1973 in Lumezzane, in the province of Brescia, from the unity and creativity of the brothers Mario, Angelo and Giuseppe Sciola.
Already experts in the metalworking sector, they launched their own production of stainless steel cutlery that today continues with the new generations and is recognized internationally.

Since then, Sciola has been synonymous with guaranteed quality of products originating from careful choice of the raw materials, with a technologically advanced production cycle, careful finishing and attention to detail that makes this cutlery unique thanks to the unmistakable Made in Italy quality.
Always attentive to quality, we choose the best raw materials, from the steel that constitutes the fundamental element of our cutlery to its creation with modern, refined designs.


Sciola BrothersTo guarantee our customers maximum satisfaction, we have over the years strengthened and improved services, starting with the state of the art manufacturing facilities that allow us to attain excellent results.
We can produce up to 150.000 pieces per day always guaranteeing the greatest attention to the final products and following every phase of the work, from the purchase of the best raw materials to the stamping, from the polishing to the packaging.

Our stainless steel cutlery is made entirely in Italy in order to guarantee the quality and the design that has always distinguished the Sciola products.
Special attention is also paid to the environment with compliance with the national regulations in effect regarding the use of suitable materials during the entire production cycle, in order to obtain low environmental impact.

For special needs, we can design personalized containers, packaging, colors and printing.
Because of storing our merchandise in a warehouse, we can guarantee fast delivery and an excellent quality/price relationship.


Our greatest strength is the manufacturing of a very high number of pieces per day, thanks to which we can address important orders, especially for wholesalers.

Every single piece is designed to meet the increasingly complex and diverse requirements for setting the table. Design and functionality blend, adapting to current esthetic trends while maintaining the original idea of versatility and quality.

Sciola cutlery often becomes accessories in the environments in which they are placed.
Today, Sciola is a name that is valued and known in the entire national territory and abroad in the household sector, thanks to the vast distribution network established over the years and the unmistakable guarantee of purchasing products made in Italy.